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Welcome to the world

Of neurotic minds

Created for gods

That you never see

They want take your mental health

and freedom (freedom)

And if you are a pacific soul

God will bless you

Of some mysterious forms

He will put you in the hell forever…

Not in heaven

Don’t worry mortal

There’s no reason

The purgatory is something unreal

Created by men

To corrupt all humanity

Many people are living with fear

Thy gods cross out your ideas

You must know the reality

Ask to gods when here they will appear

Finally I know the truth

And thy spirits stay only in my mind

No more, no more shadows in my mind

Don’t preach me your lies and never

Crucify me with your ignorance and despair

Your faith is vain,

And vain is every word that you say

Words of emptiness and inexistent deeds

(Solo – Reinhold)

Seeks you, lies to you

Blinds you, Evil

God’s Kill, minds steal

They are Evil

I think, you think

Are we evil ?

Our Souls are free

We are Evil !<br />

<br />

Thanks to Razvan

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