Shy Glizzy

Shy Glizzy - U Hear Me? lyrics

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(Intro x2)

I hustle! I hustle!

And they gon respect this cause niggas ain't hustlin'

Ya hear me? (Uh)

Real nigga tho', ya hear me?!


While they havin' fun

I be in the field

Fuck throwin' ones

Bitch I got to pay for milk

I had to cop a foreign

Had to see how it feel

Still ain't got a license

Strapped, no seatbelts

Runnin' wit some niggas

And they swear that they down

Mama been warned me

She said 'Son they some clowns!'

Niggas get paranoid

When they hear some sounds

Hope we don't get jammed

Or my ass going' down

And ya don't got to snake me

Cause I am a man

I hate to break it down

But errybody ain't the man

Niggas luv me down

Cause we came from the sand

Now we can't even get down

Cause that shit might hurt my brand


Ya hear me?

These niggas don't hustle

I hustle

Ya hear me?

They don't hear me tho'

(Verse 2)

Moms trying to move

Baby, bruh need a car

So I got to go hard

Baby, boy be a star

Im niggas way out

But they want me in a box

From what I recall

It was just me and the Glock

Glizzy gang

Ya ain't a glizzy

If ya ain't got a glizzy

How ya a glizzy

And ya ain't shot a glizzy?

Ya hear me?

They tripping'

They silly

How you broke nigga?

Ya be wit Glizzy

Ya hear me

(Come on man)

2011 I was getting on the bus

Beefin' wit the world

Could've got my ass bust

Tried to give my niggas something different

Called trust

They actin' all stuck up

Like a niggas ain't just touch

What the fuck?


I'm out of here

Ya hear me?

I don't know about these niggas

But I'm out of here

Ya hear me?

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