SHOW & A.G. - Who's The Dirtiest lyrics

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(feat. Ghetto Dwellas)

[Verse One: Party Arty]

Straight like that.

I'm the dirtiest nigga here

What you don't know, nigga yeah

I'm the one niggaz fear, my niggaz care

About nothing, but you? About frontin

When me and the track meet, it ain't about runnin

Gunnin, verses at you, leave you stiff like a statue

Riff and I'ma clap you, flip, son 'cause I had to

Get at you dog, like DMX, leave you bloody like BMS

Leavin in EMS.

[Verse Two: A.G.]

I'm the dirtiest nigga here, and we can bet

See me vibe with the niggaz we respect

And see the rest, peep the sketch

It's seventy-four, raw as ever

My design is to shine in any era

My-I, fucks with G.I., the hood is crazy

Got a nigga drinkin Dany and smokin ceejas

Checkin my closest peeps on V.I.'s

Giuliani and that RICO shit, and me don't mix

[Verse Three: D-Flow]

Flow the dirtiest nigga here

Blow Hershey in the air, you scared nigga wipe ya tears

Even got snipers scared, tryna drink lighter beers

Blaze more trees, play more freaks

Rubbin they cheecks, nut on they sheets, fuck on they beats

Flow boo, you should know two things

It's like I got two brains the way I do things

Move 'caine, always wanted to fuck a chick name 2Swing

But I tell you about her later dog 'cause it's a group thing

We up in blue flame, spittin shit, chair me on

Drink more beer than all, nigga fear the storm from here's on

Who the dirtiest?

Who the dirtiest?

Where you at my nigga?

I'm the dirtiest nigga here

Rhymes never been washed, crimes never been solved

G.D. is better than y'all

Filthy, is how I be on a song

I get dirty nigga so fuck it, now I'm the Dirty Don

Freak nigga, lookin hunt at her stairs

Dick so hard feel like I got a gun in my pants

If you fuck me, you got to fuck one of my mans

Catch me runnin out a bank, with a gun in my hands

[Verse Four: A.G.]

I'm the dirtiest nigga here

And I'll get grimy just to prove it

Take your track and loop it, use it just to use it

That's what you say, but I say

That's not the way we do our music

Love this shit here, and won't abuse it

Exclusive, on some Funkmaster or Clue shit

Move is like Eric Wright, can't write to no smooth shit

They lose it, when they hear me rap

Roll deep, hold heat, Show beats is off the meat rack

And all I know is crime and rhyme

Hot like '97, drop in '98 - so I'm straight for '99

[Verse Five: Party Arty]

I'm the dirtiest nigga here

And you can hear it from a mile away

I be around the way, drinkin Bacardi and Alizé

In the black Benz pumpin Biggie shit

Get dirty, fuck the jiggy shit

Straight from New York, my whole city spit

See me on fifty-fifth, drinkin St. Ide's

We call it Ide-it, still the same guy, G.D. affiliate

While I'm in this game I got a mil' to get

Filler shit, Party Arty still'a spit

Realler shit, iller shit, killer shit

Hit you with three, on some real Reg' Miller shit

Just to let you know what I'm dealin with

Who the dirtiest? I'm the dirtiest

Who the dirtiest? I'm the dirtiest

I'm the dirtiest, I'm the dirtiest

Who the dirtiest? What.. I'm the dirtiest!

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