SHOW & A.G. - Neighbahood Sickness lyrics

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(feat. Party Arty)

[Party Arty] Now look me in my eyes and tell me what you see

[A.G.] The neighbahood sickness (You know my shit is hot)

So bear witness [x2]

[Party Arty]

Yo! You step to me with a style that's good, miss

Battle me around, bitches when I'm finished they say "Oh my goodness!"

I grab the jack and shank the nigga with a knife

The last nigga that fought me ended up fighting for his life

WHAT? I'm quick to leave a nigga comatose

I'm putting niggas to rest from the East or the West Coast

A crazy motherfucker if you've never seen one

Always pack the heat and I sleep with a machine gun

Now you know you can't see this

Where I come from, many die, you'll get crucified like Jesus

Nobody move, nobody get hurt

Seventeen in the clip, so nigga put your dick in the dirt


The best that ever did it, so back up and maintain

I manifest who I be on your chest just like a name chain

They think they know of me because of my poetry

You think you're nice, right? Then grab the mic and try to flow with me

It's a shakedown, no ends when I'm in town

Wear my fake smiles since I put them corny Tims down

I was still cool when it comes to the lyrical

You want to get physical? That's a Goodfella ritual

Get with you? Yeah, I can get with ya

Step to me, A.G., it's got to be for my signature

[Party Arty]

Yo, you know my style, gimme yours since I got mines

Step up and get done with a gun, call the crack line

I get the nappy heads blowing

I get wreck with a Tec under my Woolridge, when it's snowy

Ayo, I gots to keep it real, G

I get crazy, so please don't please me, nigga chill, B

I'm running wild like a gang from L.A.

Telling "Don't think, give me your link and your Pelle Pelle"

[A.G.] Look me in my eyes and tell me what you see

[Party Arty] I see the A to the G-I (Rolling with) Show B-I [x2]


It's the A to the G so don't sleep

My second LP and I'm in too deep

Always keep a low so you know I'm going to creep

Always had to rumble in the jungles of the concrete

Now a nigga try to set it? He'll regret it

If he's the crowd favorite, then he'll just get upsetted

Brothers have a fit when I get into my shit

Today, tomorrow, hollow fever order it

I'm the nicest, like almighty Isis

You want my flow? No, it's priceless

Got to set it, G, to let 'em know my pedigree

If your skills ain't rap, then perhaps you should let it be

[Party Arty]

Yo, I'm not Cypress Hill but I'm still insane

I come with this ruggedness that be fucking with your brain

Niggas always talking about how hot they are

But I got that boom bap, orginal rap like the KRS-One

The 6'4" wrecking team is killing crews

Fuck around and get broke down like syllables

It's Party Arty and the nigga that you've heard of

Son, my rhymes are like Tech 9's, my techniques are murder, what?


I'm strange, deranged, mentally disturbed

A lunatic that's soon to flip on any nigga (Word)

Chill in my rest 24-7, no less

Don't test cause I'm so def (Oh yes)

My brother's keeper with the flow like Aretha

Like the Grim Reaper, my murder weapon is a speaker

If a sucker steps he'll get ate up

Cash for the blast, I'm smoking White Owls straight up

And I'm a leave it on that note

Cock T, L.D., and Wally World pass the smoke

[A.G.] Look us in our eyes and tell us what you see

[Party Arty] Some real brothers from the gutter, that's word to mother [x4]

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