SHOW & A.G. - Full Scale lyrics

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I got some new shit for y'all to flow to

I got some new shit for y'all to rock to

For my niggas in the streets to get the dough to

[A.G] think it's sweet cause me make beats, and flow a lot?

Hope ya not, won't heso(tate) to throw a shot

Smoke ya chocs so get low, when we drop

Be spraying a whole block, blazing so hot

C'mon, let em know what's up when we come on

Show & A, so come wrong and get dumped on

Back to these beats though, ayo I'm feeling it

Niggas off the wall, preach stuff and feeling shit

Know exactly what we dealing with

See my team got shorty in the middle, yo they killing it

All night, weed so tight, got me so right

Inhale it and hold it, like I hold mics

Can't afford no strikes, can't stand for life

So give us one, and plus throw mics

Yo, be no slouch, more stripes than half of you know about

We will prevail, Full Scale, no doubt


This is for all of y'all, and you won't regret

So pump it in your jeep, the street, so all of y'all can flex

In the crib and the woofers it's the same effect

We gonna show you how we do it when great minds connect


We draw heat when they think it's sweet, and joke a lot

Front on the crabs that front, ya know it's hot

Mad cause the hoes we got, and frozen rock

I gets loot, it's gotta be, the flow is hot

C'mon, let em know it's us when we come on

Show & A, we even shine when the sun is on

I get mine even when I'm being fronted on

One deep, one mind, you could be a hundred strong

Who want it, and get it, like Flight 800

I'm on my own dick, like sleeping in my stomach

Stand when I'm blunted, we can even run it

And pass on more shit than most of you come with

We can go pop and gain nothing from it

Now it's me and you, and you came with a hundred

Go mainstream and get the cream, heavily

That's what you say, but I say, "Never me"

GD repping me, while at shows I set the beat

Shit is still real, Full Scale is the recepie



We in the lab cause we scientists

Rolls attracting hoes we hit the clubs a lotta Chrys

And bottles of Moet for some minor shit

We get naughty, play Danny DeVito and Get Shorty

Flip shorty, nice size and weight

Bet money she's the first thing I see when I wake

So c'mon, let em know what's up when we come on

Show & A, ain't nothing changed but the song

Ya outta your range, but we can still get it on

Full Scale, feeling it real, yo I'm gone

[Chorus repeats]

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