Shovels & Ropes

Shovels & Ropes - O' Be Joyful

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Oh, be joyful is that what you're brewing?

Does your dadyy know that's what you're doing?

A little girl's got the reputation

Now it's ruined.

She would given in the country way.

Machine and the keys is... on the change,

Wouldn't let any woman playing the banjo in the rain.

Terry tattooed, but's always too hard to say,

Jesus, give em strenght.

Babe, it's alright

I'm all wrap you up tonight,

Carry you a ride on time.

She got comenge, she got a recoil

She got a young man that she plays him like a toy,

He no man, what you'd call a little boy?That's the thing

That he enjoy.

She wanna get it all back, but it's a little late.

You wanna start all over on a shinny clean slate.

In case you like snakes, you hang 'em up over the gate,

Don't believe it? Just you wait!

But, babe it's alright

I'm gonna wrap you up tonight,

Carry you a ride on time.

Hey, alright.

And it good to be live

Ain't it nice to play it on the winning side?


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