Shooter Jennings

Shooter Jennings - The White Trash Song

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Wake up every morning, by the break of dawn

Hear that rooster crowing, I feel so all alone

Honey snuggle outside my window, do sparkling of divine

Little squirrels is a barking

Like they thought they was a mountain lion

I get to think about the road, all the times I’ve been back again

I was born a child of these muddy roads

I guess I’ll die here lonesome as the wind

Cause all my cover broke down

Playing live fun yard

I won’t get one, get her

But the road just seems too hard

Someone come round this morning,

Wanting to play in my barn

Ladies and gentlemen


Oh just as pretty as can be

All the .. Jimmy swagger

Left in Nashville Tennessee

So I drink me a whole lot of liquor

Yeaah and I drink me a whole lot of booze

I’m a midnight country rambler

And I ain’t got nothing to lose

I ain’t got nothing to lose boys

I wake up beyond the mornings

Laying in this jail

My head will be hurtin'

I won’t be feeling too well

That old flat belly sheriff come talking out to me

I wanna know how it felt

Not being free

I said didn’t matter much

Didn’t hurt at all

I’ll never be locked up in jail, hell, hell

So where came around this morning,

Wanting to pay my bond

Playing through the city, you was hallo

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