Shooter Jennings

Shooter Jennings - The Long Road Ahead lyrics

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Mother may bell's in a a quiet hell. I hear a gun and a heart and sley

Bells.I'd say things have changed quite a bit, since I was young and mother

Didn't give a shhh. I can't be saved it's too late, but with a little help

I might concentrate, long enough to start believing just to make sure your

Still breathing. (chorus) no time for the broken hearted, got to finish

Just what we started. The only promise to the pour departed, is that they

Wind up dead. Just as sure as holy violence, we starve our songs in

Silence, were all looking for a little guidance down the long road there's

A cold breeze through city streets, blows leaves like dreams neath busy

Somewhere in an easy chair. Somebody's momma crying, cause baby ain't

There. My baby's so lazy like to Lay around... Drive me crazy.

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