Shooter Jennings

Shooter Jennings - The Letter

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I found a letter just yesterday And what it say I can't disclose I read that letter and every word it say And my heart it just froze (Chorus) Ain't it a shame Ain't it a shame Ain't it a shame Such a sad, sad shame My baby's been runnin' around All around this town With another man I packed her stuff up,put it on the front porch When she gets home she'll surely see You know it was so hard goin' through our life together Figurin' out what belongs to you and what belongs to me (Repeat Chorus) So many times I've forgiven her So much time I can't never get back I don't wanna know how long it's been goin' on I just wanna leave this town and never look back (Repeat Chorus) Ain't it a shame

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