Shooter Jennings

Shooter Jennings - Living Proof

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When I was just a young boy

My daddy came to me

Said, son out in this world

There's alot of things that are gonna make you feel like you're supposed to be

You don't have to read the good book

Be a good man just the same

And forget about the money

Money ain't brought nothin' to your daddy but pain


It Aint Easy

It Ain't Easy

But You'll Be Alright

Now it's fifteen years later

And I'm out on the road

And it's been four years to the day since he died and they won't even play us on the radio

And I think i found my way alright

Without him here to catch me now and again

I just keep on moving along keeping my mind on my song and trying to play about love


Any other fool

Any other fool would throw this away

Any other fool

Wanna take a minute to thank you

for all the things that you've done

Yeah you gave me a light in the dark of the night

When there was no where to hide no where to run


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