Shooter Jennings

Shooter Jennings - Don’t Wait Up

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I’m a garter snake and I make no bones

And I’m into deep like no chatons

I like a little sugar in my coffee

Somebody it’s giving you sugar but baby it’s ot be

It’s ok I gita play on my own

Yeah I got a cupel numbers that I keep in my phone

Gonna call ‘em up see how’s on round

I’m gonna spend a couple night in the dark town

Sure gnna love me right, yu love me wrong

Tonight, baby put on so more chick songs

Pull up….a little bit of …

Baby don’t wait up cuz I’m playin’ possum

Yeah, yeah

Then you scream in night with my hooky dice

When I know a few drunks will be still alive

Like call me up to tell me where you’ve been

And yu’ve been hanging out with the …

Hands on me baby I’m all naked

I’ve been making moves while you’ve been drinking

Don’t buy the ….that turn up my …

You take a little move tryna make the wild blossom

Baby don’t wait up

I am playin’ possum

She gonna love me right, you love me wrong

So baby put it on …song

Put on that ….yu eill little learn

But bbay is no way out I’m playin’ possum

I’m playin’ possum

I’m playin’ possum

I’m playin’ possum

I’m playin’ possum

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