Shenandoah - The Show Must Go On

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I think too much of her

To tell her I don’t love her anymore

I know it’ll break her heart and she’ll fall apart

When I walk out the door

Maybe I can tell her all about the many times

I’ve done her wrong when I’m gone

But till I get up the nerve to end this act I play

The show must go on

I’ve learned my lines so clever

She thinks that I would never walk away

My love ain’t what it seems

But she’s always believed in me anyway

I know the stage is set to tell her

That I’ve been a little too far gone way too long

But till I can bring myself to play the final scene

The show must go on


At night when we pull the curtins

And when I hold her tight

I’m just loving her in body

I’m not loving her in mind

She’s been right here with me

Since the beginning of it all

But there’ll be no happy ending

So tonight the show must go on

Till I can stop pretending nothings wrong

The show must go on

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