Shenandoah - Mama Knows

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Me and Jimmy Crowder and a single cagarette

Crouched down in a stall out in the barn

Three puffs later we were sick as we could get

Prayin we'd get better before we got home

She saw me comin through the back door screen

I knew the minute that she looked at me


Mama knows, Mama knows

Sometimes I think she's got a window to my soul

Mama knows, Mama knows

Even when I think it doesn't show

Mama knows

Me and Becky Johnson ankle-deep in ocean waves

Pants rolled up and hearts out on our sleeves

Both needin more than either one of us could get

That first love left the sweetest memory

Fifteen and shy, didn't tell a soul

How is it Mama never has to be told


I wasn't home when Mama passed away

I didn't get to say I love you

But I've got this feelin

Chorus until end

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