Sharko - U Got Us lyrics

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So you move your body<br />

Interrupted Peter Pan<br />

And you shake your body<br />

And it's not that fair<br />

Have a beep this big<br />

Interrupted be a man<br />

Have a solid sore<br />

And it's not that far<br />

<br />

U got us on the moon<br />

U got us drinking booze<br />

U got us teacher's pet<br />

U got us with respect<br />

U got us on the moon, U got us<br />

<br />

And you move your body<br />

Ain't it upstairs silicone?<br />

And you move that up<br />

Makin' too much noise<br />

U got us on the moon U got us with a spoon<br />

And you shake your honey<br />

Makin' "Springer 's oil"

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