rate me

(feat. Peter Gunz)

[Intro: Shaq]

yo yo

this jam right here dedicated to all the little bad knuckleheads runnin'


gettin' in trouble

just follow your dreams and you'll be aight

[Chorus: Peter Gunz]

yo it was all a dream

deprising and uprising my schemes

but suprising realzing that

yo it was all a dream

I kept my head above the water for cream

but now I'm turnin' all heads when I step on the scene

(yesterday it was just a dream

never thought this could ever happen to me)

it was all a dream

(how a change came around in my life)

[Verse 1: Shaq]

I went back and forth from [???] to chilltown JC

at first it's just me and mommy

then Phil came along, he bought a basketball go to the park

get your game on Shaq but have your butt back by dark

I was acting like the doc, my game was the joint

dribbilin' between my legs like Norm Nixon at the point

materalism kept them other kids biz'm

while I was selling my game they was sellin' izm

words by Phil be a leader not a follwa

don't let the masses of technolgy swallow ya

la-d da-d we all likes to party

I'm followin' my dreams I'm gonna be somebody


[Verse 2: Shaq]

now check it, commodores was my favorite joint

til I heard Planet Rock on the bop, that jam's on point

I used to rhyme in the mirrior, like I was down with UTFO

Doug E. Fresh singin' a show

for a big kid I had crazy rythem

size 13 suede crews with thick shoe strings in 'em

I was the baddest popa, baddest rhyme dropper

bustin' more mills than Superman to helicopters

I had the name buckle kids used to jock

Public Enemy came out, I had the clock

my favorite jam was by Big Daddy ain't no half steppa

my mic sounds nice check 1-2 by Salt N' Pepa

Heavy D, Rakim, Eric B, Ricky D

Scott LaRock and BDP

I never knew 'em but I used to look up to 'em

battles in the park in the dark I ran through 'em


[Verse 3: Shaq]

somebody wake me up this can't be real

lookin' in the paper, Shaq's about to make a hundred mil

somebody smack me, it's gotta be fake

20,000 square foot crib on the back of a lake

five movie deal with Disney

damn I'm getting busy like Dizzy Calepsi

20 mil check from Pepsi

let's see, red benz and black porsche

[???] room suburban with roof-top hole and of course

boat with my name on the side so I can ride on the water

with my wife and my baby daughter

I oughta write a book so y'all can see

how easy it is to be who the hell you wanna be

this is a message from Shaq, react bring it on back

follow your dreams and it's like that

[Outro: Shaq]

yeah, yeah

Ken Dawg, rock rock on

yeah, Peter Gunz, rock rock on

yeah, Lord Tariq, rock rock on

my man Hassan, rock rock on

to my dawg K Mitchell, rock rock on

to my man Frank E, rock rock on

homegirl Nyre, rock rock on

to my little baby, rock rock on

to all my homey lovers, rock rock on

and to my favorite mother, rock rock on

and to my damn daddy, rock rock on

and to my golf caddy, rock rock on

to my man Fred LaGwynn, rock rock on

to all my enemies, rock rock on

I'm following my dreams, rock rock on

to all the little children, rock rock on

rock on

rock on

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