SHAQUILLE O'NEAL - I'm Outstanding

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I was born three six seven eighteen with ???? on the wisdom

Hail to the moon, just like Kunta Kinte

That means I'm gifted from the get-go

Mom's you never let go

Mad thanks for raising me right, bro'

You gave me confidence to stop the nonsense

Didn't live in Bel Air like the Fresh Prince

Times are hard, times are rough

Didn't have Toys R Us toys, but I had enough love

Plus the guidance from above

To go to the park, sweatin' push and shove

Maybe then for a dunk like you told me

Then there were a few times when Dad had to scold me

Prayed for my safety, I know how you was feeling

Didn't want me wheeling and get to drug-dealing

Remember when you asked me this one day

Who I wanna' be like, I said Dr. J

Then you said, "Good, now you gotta' go

"Take the damn ball and slam it through the hole."

Mom cracked a smile, Daddy gave a frown

I said to myself, "I can't let them down."

So make way, I'm coming in for a landing

And nothing's gonna' stop me, from being outstanding

I'm outstanding

Now let's skip to the time when I was fifteen

Shaq is in the house... no, Shaq is on the scene!

Now my name's in papers, girls caught the vapors

Kids look up to me like a skyscraper

Now, a role model... I mean a role figure

Then I ask myself, can I get any bigger?

My dream is coming through, but coming through slowly

Then I remember what Mom and Dad told me

"Remember this, son, do all the runs

"Shoot your gift like a gun and never forget where you come from

"You're young, gifted, and Black

"If they can't say Shaquille O'Neal then make 'em scream, 'Shaq!'"

Like the fam' do, in the stands who

When I freak the funk on a dunk they, "Ahhh! Oooh!"

From high school to college, they gave me enough knowledge

Make that gift and now it's

Time for me to fulfill my dream

To be in the [leaders' game?] like Dakeem

I'll make the backboards shatter,

Fans chit-chatter

Even make the other [sen-tails?] get madder

That's me. Who can it be?

The master of disaster, seven foot three

Brother, ain't no other in the nation

I'm born from my mother but I'm God's creation

I'm outstanding

I'm outstanding

Cause now I'm outstanding

Wave your hands and pump your fist

When I'm on the court you know it's strictly "Swish!"

Cause there's some things that I gotta' do:

Tape up the ankle, pump up my Shaq-shoe

And now it's time to take care of business

To run up the court with Nick and Dennis

Scott, but I won't stop

Gotta' keep striving until I reach the top

Gonna' take a peek over the mountain

I flow like a fountain

Peace, I gotta' go! And I'm out and...

But before I go, wave your hands

Peace to all my family, friends, and fam

I'm outstanding

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