SFA - Take It Back

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I got the right to put a brick to your head

And I got the right to shoot you dead

If chaos is the law of the land

Then I'm gonna take the law in my hands

While criminals control the streets

We've got to fight to take it back

The police are not the enemy

But the law ties their hands, they're just in the way

Have no faith in your fellow man

Just keep faith with a knife in your hand

Use all your anger and all your hate

Take back the streets before it's too late

The only way to see justice done

Is to mete it out through the end of a gun

The only way to clean up this city

Is to kill them all and show no pity

Take back the streets, take back the night

Make them pay to make things right

For every crime that they commit

Take their fucking lives for it

Strike them back blow for blow

Make them suffer woe for woe

Take back the streets, take back the night

They must die to make things right

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