Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals - How 'Bout No Scott lyrics

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I can see your disapproval

or maybe you just can’t relate

But this is what I live each day for

Won't go back! Had enough!

I can see your disappointment

when I see the look on your face

But I’ve just got to make my choices

No one else! Just for me!

Maybe you can't see!

I just can't fail forever

and some day I will set it straight

Taking chances to make things happen

for myself no one else but me!

We just can't fail forever!

and some day we will set it straight!

Taking chances to make things happen!

for ourselves; no one else but us!

This life, it's only for me

Hold back? I will never. I gotta break free

My bets have all been placed

so don't count me out!

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