Seoul - Silencer lyrics

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Jesus Christ, where’re we?

When we’re writing of each other proudly?

You could say something wrong

You would only fuck me up ‘til the dawn


You call me upstairs, try to prepare

‘Cause I know the only note this night can end on is a bad one.

And I know you’re so aware

You’re dressed all in black

Exposing in your back

Staring out from underneath the bangs that cover your eyes

You would only criticize but in the most beautiful way I’ve heard

So I wrote you a song about how we don't seem to get along.

And I wait for the day when you tell me you had done just the same.


In the rush of the night your debauchery had turned to the spotlight.

And in the back of the cab you look at me as if I understand.


Are we awake?, Are we awake?, Are we awake?, Are we awake? (Shut up)(Shut up) Are we awake? (Shut up)(Shut up)Are we awake?


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