Seanchai - 718 Baby

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skiddin' down the runway, headed for jamaica bay<br />

close my eyes and pray, let me live to smoke another day.<br />

kennedy gonna be the death of me, got my baby to see...<br />

taxi! taxi!<br />

<br />

she's waitin' at home so to brooklyn i roam<br />

then she says "we're all alone", from the wall pulls the phone<br />

throwin' the bone, hittin' the zone, makin' her moan...<br />

there's no place like home!<br />

spoon me three hits of sugar, peter lugar<br />

start it up again, time to say when<br />

get some rest, i didn't know you were asleep<br />

but when i woke up in the bed i was in even deeper<br />

even deeper, even deeper in love<br />

dear god up above! state of the nation!<br />

total elation! lovely creation!<br />

and she's seven-one-eightion...<br />

<br />

loungin' in the satin i'm feelin' real fat an'<br />

thinkin' you can take money makin' manhattan<br />

cos keepin' it real is true sex appeal<br />

i'm flush at the wheel, she's cookin' up a meal<br />

spaghtti and veal, a bottle of vino<br />

you know the deal, put on a little dino<br />

cos he know, life is for the livin'<br />

like keno, gotta be in it to win it<br />

and i'm in once again and again if i can<br />

fillin' up her cup until she says when<br />

feelin' the celin' with sexual healin'<br />

and we don't stop<br />

til we both drop...<br />

<br />

third bass gave praise to the brooklyn queens<br />

and you can add shaolin and the bronx to the team<br />

so before you make that call, settin' up a date<br />

let yer fingers do the walkin' to the seven-one-eight...

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