Sean Price

Sean Price - Niggerific

rate me

I'm a junkie too

My friends are all the same, monkey see monkey do

Confrontational, fuck wit P, fuck wit who?

Extreme wit it until all extremities turn blue

Suffocate till ya defecate in yo blue jeans

Old sheriff in town, crown the new king

Allahu Akbar, Allah ya not, pa

God gifted wit me wit rap, Allah who got bars?

P! I told ya the last time

Bar-for-bar the best, yes I'm in my rap prime

I dare niggas to say sumethin' slick out their mouth

I will air sumethin', yo bitch, 4-5th in yo mouth

I hate it, every day Sean AR spit

Creative, no course play wit JR Smith

If ya can't take the heat, I think ya know the rest

This is live and not a test

Court is in session

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