Sean Price

Sean Price - Go Rambo

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(Hook: Sample)

I know a man who's always right

Says he's neva wrong

But one day when we needed his strength

Ya found that all that gone

(Intro: Sean Price)

That's why I can't stand yo ass now


(Verse: Sean Price)

Uh, go Rambo

4-4 clap at them, open yo toe sandals

Oh no, the African rapper, the dope sample

I told y'all cats when I'm focused, yo flow Sambo, P!

I hit 'em harder with the launch tray

Bullets small with forward Iguodala the Andre

Gun in my hand, the knife in the other

Whicheva one of them strike, say good night to yo luva

Lead pop, got mom dukes in a headlock

No exaggeration duke, I'm tight with yo mother, P!

I don't listen to most rappers

Most rappers suck, fuck, Ruck is the toast clapper

Butta yo bread, the gun to yo head

I eat, shit, sleep, murder, gun in my bed, P!

Swing swords on the gunner pound

Sean is the king, the lord of the underground


Fuck out of here, P!


(Verse 2: Illa Ghee)

Pointin' guns at my baby mother

It's all gravy, throw the 80 at my baby brother

Undiscovered, discuss gun squeezin', I hush hush the demons

I'm the definition and the meanin'

On the scene, News 7, make reality dream wait

I make fatality scream hate, so hate and say no more

I'm spittin' disrespectful from an ancient sword

I ex-a-sketch then I X ya like the angel's hoard

When I rewind, see I seen it befo'

So decline like mine, put the nine on the floor

Peep in mind, I don't mind to put yo mind on yo door

Mano y mano, couldn't stop the reign with the poncho

Illa the animal, I'm straight from the Congo

Flow as a tornado and this cradle in the condo

Bottom line, sucker niggas, keep yo distance

Like a chess game, Illa keep a angle like a bishop



(Verse 3: Head I.C.E.)

Mice say cheese, for the bread, it's all ground beef

He probably ran to police before he found me

Always swim with the sharks, well then I harpooned them

He ducked to water and swam, I got to part two 'em

With the fish full of scale, I got to cook sum'

Ill and Sean got a sale but there's sum' jooks comin'

I'm too good for the streets, I got my bachelor's

I mean what's good with the beef, I got my spatula

Dead bodies tell tales & open cold cases

So put them back in the fridge, congest the toes gray

Bum, go Rambo

Tank and plane got tape on both handles, bao

Hit 'em from the land or above

I handle a grudge so bitch will put a hand in my tub

ICE, chill or be cold without a winter day

I kill stars at the end like the movie Grey



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