Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston - Suicidal Mi Bumboclaat

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JR! Sean Kingston!

You're way too beautiful girl

That's why it'll never work

You'll have me suicidal, suicidal

When you say it's over

Damn all these beautiful girls

They only wanna do you dirt

They'll have you suicidal, suicidal

Suicidal wa... suicidal mi bumbaclot

Mek mi tell you dis

Wa coulda posses a man

Fi commit suicide over a young woman

And so much beautiful girls dey pon we island

Di solution if Nikki give wey di nookie

Sex her bestfriend Pam

Wa coulda posses a yout

Put a gun inna him mouth and really shoot

Tru him catch him girl ah blow a next man flute

You mussi mad and the two of them nuh feel mi size 13 boot

No man that brother ya mad

Look how much girls inna di place a carry on bad

Ah nuh nuttin fi get a girl toss your salad

You know how much girls inna di place woulda do it fi u willing and glad

Kill miself? suck unnu mama

Mi nuh martyr, mi nuh suicide boma

Mi sey wukkie and duckie dem gyal ramma

Put a full stop to dis mi nuh need no comma

Ah nuh so we know it go

Ah nuh so we do we ting

A gyal clown alone kill dem self over Kim

A some sick sick people do dem tings dey a foreign

Now me lose offa unnu, wa some man a study king

Ah nuh so bou ya run

Ah nuh rumor me a spread

Unnu nuh hear wa tek Beenie one day him nearly dead

Too much hot gyal dey bou ya fi she mash up him head

Him shoulda listen to di brother dey a seh

"People dead, dead"

The blind must be led, no gyal can run mi head

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