Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston - Ordinary Girl

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It felt great when I met you, something to remember

Body looking right, cool like in December

We should take a flight, one way wherever

‘Cause your eyes take me away

You’re like an angel in the sky, you got wings

When you arrive it’s like a midnight dream

And I can’t lie, you got that tease

And shorty please don’t walk away

Girl, you’re different from the girls I see

Diamond in the rough, your smile takes me away

So many girls, it’s hard for me to choose

No matter where you go I’m stuck on you

Oh, it’s so hard to look away

‘Cause you’re no ordinary girl

She got that thing, you can’t deny

Something about your aura says

That you’re no ordinary girl

Exceptional, one of a kind

And when we wake up in the morning and we look outside

It was the same every day after you walked by

She ain’t an ordinary girl, not an ordinary girl

Girl you are the one, I can tell by over

Girl, you shine bright, brighter than my nightlight

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