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Sean Kingston - Big Girl's Don't Cry

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Big Girls Don't Cry (Remix) <br /> <br /> <br />[Intro] <br />REMIXXXX!!!! Kingston, JR, Fergie <br />La da da da, La da da da <br /> <br />[Verse 1 - Sean Kingston] <br />Ring ring, who's calling that's my baby gurl on the phone (girl on the phone) <br />She say she need some space say she wanna leave me alone (leave me alone) <br />But I aint tripping cause she said it on her own <br />That's just the way life goes <br />Lemme know that big girls don't cry but please let me explain (let me explain) <br />Can we please work things out before you go on your way (on your way) <br />See i got alota things on my mind and I know your feelin' the same (feelin' the same) <br />Cause the situations outta control <br /> <br />[Chorus - Fergie & Sean Kingston] <br />I hope you know, I hope you know <br />That this has nothin' to do with you <br />Im feelin' blue lets work things out <br />Cause I don't know what to do <br />And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket but I gotta get a move on with my life <br />That's just the way it has to go <br />And big girls don't cry <br /> <br />[Verse 2 - Fergie] <br />The smell of your skin lingers (lingers) <br />On me now (C'mon) <br />Probably on your flight back to your hometown (hometown) (Is that right) <br />I need some shelter of my own protection baby (baby) (c'mon) <br />To be with myself and center, clarity <br />Peace, serentity <br /> <br />[Chorus] <br /> <br />[Verse 3 - Sean Kingston] <br />What should I do. I'm missin' you <br />And I feel so down <br />Now that your gone, I can't go on <br />This must be the end <br /> <br />[Chorus]<br /><br />

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