Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston - Beauitful Girl (Remix)(Feat Fabolous and Boosie)

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Sean Kingston

[Bridge Intro: Sean Kingston]



It's the remix everyone

Everyone it's the remix everyone


[Verse 1: Sean Kinston]

Hey girl,who you bites off

Guess you dangerous

You go me suicidal

Like angel dust

IIIIII, never met a girl like this befoore(this befoore)

(Your way too) The way she walk

and the way she talk

She make go crazy

Is me or is it she

Somebody tell me

I'm talking to my self

Wait, this is nit funny

You make me better like Fabolous

and Wipe me down like Boosie

Lets go

[Chours: Sean Kingston]

Your way too beauitful girl

Thats why it'll never work

You had me suicidal, suicidal

When you say it's over

Damn,all these beaiutful girls

They only want to d you dirt

They'll have you suicidal,suicidal

When they say it over

Verse 2 Fabolous

You just to beauiful girl

Thee number 1 on my list

You know you are killing me

See these cuts on my wrist

Sike! Wat I look like?

I am way to busy filling my self

These cuts are princesses baby

Aint no way I'm kiling my self

If I 'm thinkin suicidal

It must be them phantom doors

Your boy bout brigin toys out

Maybe tha should call me santa clause

Pitcure me combainin, belushi cocaning

Why would i go blamin or even stoop to go naming

Proclamin shorty the reason

I'm thinking of tigger squeezin

I'm cold and winter season

Be cool as autumn breezes

I do what I please

Jezis he jus switch women like Regis

Lie is so beauiful


Your way too beauitful gorl

Thats why it'll never work

You had me suicidal suicidal

When you say it over

Damn all these.......

Verse3 Boosie

Your way too beauitful

You make me lose control

Face like a model

Shape like a bottle

Every time I see you I

Just want to be by your side

You make me happy

And then you hurt me badly

I'm a thug on the street,

but a thug got feelings

And I dont want to be hurt

So dont play with me keep it real wit me

And you wont get hurt

With church that goin to help me wit it

I had to holla

Cuz it seem what in them jean got lil boosie suicidal

I dont know wat to do but I know one thing

I dont wont to lose her conversation

I'm convicedthat she the one.

I'm confused bruh

But she brighten up my day wen I see her

Then turn back arond and be a cheater

Them sexy lips and them sexy hips

They make me come back

We fight all day till 6 at night and

I'm lovin that

Them USA girl them Jamaican girl

They shake that thing the best

They look you in yu eye and take your hear out your chest


[Chours: Sean Kingston]

Your way too beauitful girl

Thats why it'll never work

You had me suicidal,suicidal,suicoowwee

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