Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston - Am I Your Favorite?

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verse 1 <br />Am I your Favorite? <br />Because You don't seem to like me <br />everything in my home is so stupid! <br />Including me and my songs! <br /> <br />Chorus <br />Am I your favorite <br />I really hope I'm not! <br />You are a beautiful girl <br />and me love <br />but I can't be your favorite <br />because I am so very very <br />not anybody's favorite! <br /> <br />verse 2 <br />I really hope <br />you think I'm as stupid <br />as I am <br />because I am so so so very stupid!!!! <br /> <br />chorus <br /> <br />bridge <br />many poeple love me <br />but i think they are weird <br />because they love me <br />I'm loosing my faith <br />in being stupid!!!! <br /> <br />chorus <br /> <br />many poeple love me but they are so stupid!!!!<br /><br />

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