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Seals & Crofts - Mystery of Love lyrics

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(lyrics and music by Dash Crofts and Wayne Newitt, 1984)

From the album TODAY (2000).

She's a mystery, she can shine her light on me.

She can soar like a dove -- She's the mystery of love.

She's got mastery, perfect human qualities.

Can you hear her call, benevolent to all.

Look at the majesty in her eyes, the window of her soul.

Oh how you sacrifice for all -- mystery of love.

Humility, tenderness so sweet.

Wish that I could be the dust beneath her feet.

Do you realize the compassion in her eyes?

It's the essence of good that her whole life glorifies.

Look at the loftiness of the dove, the joyfulness she brings.

I would do anything for you -- mystery of love.

The mystery of sacrifice is that there is no sacrifice.

Oblivious to fire and ice, make the world a paradise.

Light of unity, brings the joy of harmony.

Let it come to me -- oh mystery of love.

You're a priceless gem of mysterious force.

You're irreplaceable -- mystery of love.

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