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Seals & Crofts - Kite Dreams lyrics

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(lyrics and music by James Seals, Louie Shelton and Brian Whitcomb, 1980)

From the album THE LONGEST ROAD (1980).

One day follows another, chase one and then the other. Kite dreams.

Butterflies lazy in April, floating down in the meadow.

Silver skies and all the world far, far below.

Look up there in the sky, way up there in the sky. You don't have to be high.

I know a place where kites have been, where we can laugh and ride the wind.

Oooo, we are dreamers, even screamers if we dare[?]. Life's upside down, it's upside down.

You go across, I'll go around. Oooo, when it's over I can tell you what I found.

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