Screwball - H-O-S-T-Y-L-E (Radio Edit) lyrics

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That's right ugh, check it out

Back in tha days where tha people were fresh

It was one mc who had to pass tha test

He was down by law, and he's ready to play

That's right yawl, it's hostyle today


Yo yo, yo

Woke up in tha morning and my eggs was part

Turned on tha boob toob saw tha million man march

Tha cops in DC, had to play scared

Gotta a, warn in plans looking at tha quaters of France

Ants in my pants so i dips in tha door

Picked up tha keys, caught a telephone call

She yelling bones in my sounds swell

I'm like why can't, a brother can't rise up

All i'm hearing is clobbers, hung up

Lighted some butter, food tight in my gutter

Shouted lover, to those hungry

Put holes in they clothes

Bitch niggas throwing weak shit in tha game

On tha streets, smoking dough and leak on tha heap

[Chorus: Hostyle]


(tha drug pushers and face mushers)

Those them types that fuck wit me

(throw ya henny in tha sky)


(tha bread winners, tha money getters)

Those them types that fuck wit me

(lets get this m-o-n-e-y)


(tha henny guzzelers, and tha henny huzzelers)

Those them types that fuck wit me

(this is serious b-i)


(tha thug chicks who love dick)

Those them types that fuck wit me

(lets get this money till we die)


Climax a vocal, like tha local weed spot

Dime bags i go through, I'm at tha penical of smoke signals

Tree's in a tight squeeze, night breeze

For i blow hair might freeze, somebody give me a light please

Matter fact I got matches I strike these don

Son where you coming from, vernon fourty one

Here ya shorty come, know she calling me for what

She ignoring me, unless she horny and I got some trojans on me

I just stop start smiling, hands on her hips posing for me

I limped over wit laughter

Told me to meet me a quarter after three,

and smacked her on the ass cheek

Ghetto thug classy, if you ask me, if you ask me



Aiyyo its Queensbridge, Kyron, KL, and Poet is who I flow with

And you know it that (Those tha types that fuck with me)

And stuck with me thick and thin

Industry dog kickin in, ways wicked to win

Mo' green baby, attendin the warfare, yeah it all seems crazy

HAAA'STYLE, yeah I fiend for the gravy

SCREWBALL, yeah we ?need to? like babies

Dogs locked up in the kennel

Going at the pops, calling the kennel black

Cock the metal back, and settle that

Vibe level that, rhyme rebel rap, so I don't miss it

Yeah, we the who head click so everybody twist it


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