SBOE - 0-300 Real Shit lyrics

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Feat. Trav & Fabdon (G-Unit Diss)


Fuck deal on some chill shit

I'm off with er'body wanna get killed shit

Yea, real shit, nigga, real quick

I go 0 to 300, nigga, real quick

Have the snows hit 'em, real quick

Thirty in that forty, maybe four clip


Real shit, make 'em back flip real quick

Hold on, hold on, what they talkin' bout?

Holdin' up the house shit

That nigga ain't commin' out

Money on my head, I hope it make me richer

Heard these niggas talkin' beef shit on Insta

Figured out there was a couple haterz in the picture

Stop shoutin' niggas out if you ain't bailin' niggas out

Real shit, real shit, real shit

(We on that real shit, nigga)

(There's no hate)

(Verse: Trav)

0 to 300 nigga, real quick

I be on the 6o, where they say they kill shit

And I'm a one dream fall, where's money where kid?

I got this thirty um, and I'm on my field shit

Me and my niggas been lurkin', we never lackin'

50 he a bitch, when I see him I'm gunna smack him

Yayo you a fraud, you frontin' you seen what happen

Believe he was my man, when I see him can't even dap him


Real quick, real quick, nigga real quick

Shack balla in real quick

Hunid macs and the snow's white

Another kid on that ghost, nigga

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