Sayyi and Jeremih

Sayyi and Jeremih - Fvkarnd lyrics

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(Chorus x2)

Let's smoke around, let's fuck around

Come fuck around, then fuck her out

I know you want it, don't play around

You got the papers, I got the pout

Let's smoke around


You the baddest I'dda seen

I'm tryna make a movie, let's go

I see you fuckin' with a nigga' script

Well, if you fuckin' wid it, let's roll

Making me feel like a star

Found my dick off becoming(?!)

Make 'em bare a marathon

But I keep the body runnin'

Whipped the soap, so I had to mop it up

Taste so good, I had to sop it up

Gon' head, drop that heavy load

Ass in all like a ____(?) truck

If that ass didn't know you like a toka truck

Know that anything you want, I got it

Uh, baby girl, it's not a problem

It's why you're fuckin' with me

(Chorus x2)

(Verse 2)

Heard you got back in town

Heard you down to fuck around

Graduated to a bad bitch

Let me see they copping down

Congratulations, ace of spades

Throw me a blunt, blow it to the face

Blow this kush out by the pound

Only smoke exotic creepy

Made it bishop, let me under

Fast duckin' with the thunder

And as freaky as we on

Killin' bitches like a thunder

When we fuck around know that everything goes

Got that ass bustin' like it's sitting on boat

Pussy so wet, got me poking my pro

She on all fours, touching 'em toes

(Chorus x2)

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