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Satellite Stories - When Love Became lyrics

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(Pre - Hook)

You started your car and tried to leave

Tears in your eyes I know how you feel

Please straight the line by all you feel

How did it come to this, I mean

You scream you hate me with all your heart

Under the same roof, we are apart

When love became


So harsh, still taking us to fight

Try to look into your eyes but you turned the other way

Hold you in my arms but it doesn’t feel safe

(Pre - Hook) + (Hook) x 2

(Verse) x 2

You start your car and try to leave

I’m not the man that I use to be

Now we should turn back on me


You started the car and tried to leave

I'm not the man I used to be

Now you should turn your back on me

Blue sense of luring, we just know we sorry

Don’t know to hurt you but then I might

______(?) taking off that guard

Boys from scream one more time

When love became

(Hook) x 2


Slowly intervenes into the night

No one will know that you

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