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Satellite Stories - Campus lyrics

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Running late as usual as usual

Throw he game over the moon

And we got everything we need

Package full of little dreams

On the frame it seems so the last on beat so the sun going down but we are on

On that Friday eve’ you don’t get off your week

And when that talk was on we felt in love


In the campus of that lines

In the campus of your car


Running late as usual

Throw that poor, no one know witch

The holy different ain’t it all

Almost caught, you were smiling

By the frail ain’t seeds so we lasts on beat

So the sun know what were on

From that Friday edge, slicking to the sea

And when that noise watch, we are fall apart


Then I get this feelin’ on the campus of that line x 2


[Yeah, yeah in the morning

When the parch square and that holy is huntin’] x 9


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