SANTANA - Nowhere to Run lyrics

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Night ain't a friend

It's black and so still

It waits like a cat

Then moves in for the kill

It casts its shadows high on the wall

It's givin' me no peace at all

Now you're gone

The pain goes on

You're so deep into me

Now I'm begging you to

Set me free


I've got nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide

No way to stop

This hurt deep inside

That you gave to me

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to run

The sound of your voice

It comes in the night

It stays with me there

Until the light

When you say the words

That you said before

When you said you'd stay

You walked out the door

I can take the afternoon

But then comes the night

Instead I walk the floor

Till the light


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