SANTANA - Body Surfing lyrics

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Took a walkdown by the ocean

I was alonenothing on my mind

As I stood thereI saw the devotion

That the surf had with the shore


I felt this emotionof the sea

Pulling me


Big kahunatide was high

I began bodysurfing for my life

Ecstasysky and the sea

Embracing me

Golden sun on my face

Giving life to me

Unafraid I let go

Trusting in the deep blue sea

We became one with each other

Watching the tide as it drifts away


I spoke to me daddy

Said to meson

You got to go find a job

And bring some money into the family

For your mommy and me

I saydaddyme want to go to the seashore

And bodysurf all day long

Me no wanna work

Me wanna play

Me wanna bodysurf all day

Me told him

Me wanna go bodysurfing

Me tell him

Me tell him

Nome wanna go

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