Sakis Rouvas

Sakis Rouvas - This Is Our Night

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Take a chance, and take a hold <br />give it all, and turn it to gold <br />time has come, so make a stand <br />on your own, and take command <br />Beat the odds, you will survive <br />stronger now, you feel alive <br />Rising up, get into place <br />feel it in your heart, <br />When you are, winning this race <br />When I look into your eyes <br />It comes, as no surprise <br /> <br />[ Chorus ] x 2 <br />This is our night, fly, to the top baby <br />yes we can do it, just wait and see <br />This is our night, time, for a change baby <br />get rid of the old, take a hold, and be free <br />[-Chorus ] <br /> <br />This is our night <br /> <br />Counting down, the night of nights <br />Getting now, to stand and fight <br />Don't back down, just look within <br />Do it now, I know you will <br />When I look into your eyes <br />it comes as no surprise<br /><br />

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