Saint Etienne

Saint Etienne - Etienne Gonna Die lyrics

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You only call? welllet's go visit mr. more. your eight hundredand I'll raise twenty-five hundred bucks.

I can't stand it

South. I'm going south.

South street seaportthe man says. can't stand the heatyou can't stand it.

You wanna play cards? the bet is two and a half thou.

The bet? I'll tell you what the bet is. and I'll raise you six thousand dollars.

You son of a bitchyou've been steamrolling over me all night! what are you trying to tell me? one cardyou've got a flusha fullwhat? I think you're bluffingpal. I think you're trying to


Then you're going to have to give me some respector give me some money.

I think you're bluffing.

What are youjoe capp? I didn't ask what you think. raisecallor fold.

I should raise your ass. but I'm just gonna call.

My marker's good for the money.

What is this marker? where are you from?

Where am I from? I'm from the united states of kiss my ass!

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