Sage The Gemini

Sage The Gemini - Mr. Me Too

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Ft. Berner, Symba & Project Poppa


Wine whistle, down smoke from the pistol

She 19 with a gold ring on her nipple

These ends on my tongue know I don't do dizzle

Gold presidential, look so official

I'm H Town bound with a fresh new Chio

Lights gettin' creo, young Carlitos

Dope boy, I piss dirty for my PO

I still gt down in the house where the weed grow

RIP Jack, Mac Dre and King Freako

I _______(?) the friends pissin' Rose clique-o

Berner falls, went through 'em Mike Reverends

With kingpins talkin' bout cold numbers

Before it cooked it was purrp in the bubba

I took two trips, bout to book me anotha

I swear to God, dawg, they love me in the A

First class, 100 grand on the pint

(Verse 2)

They been askin' me questions about who I'm talkin' about in these verses

Nobody fo' certain, just niggas I feel deserve it

I done gave niggas money power and presents

I don't diss, I don't diss, I just send 'em a message

I been 8in' in the hilltop with yo bitch in the suite

In the lobby with the wifi free, 100 on breakfast

Tell the baby get whateva she fetish

While the waiter just stare at my necklace

It ain't even that big, I'm fly cuz I _____(?)

Spend 2, save 8 and now I'm feelin' the cheque

Niggas always wonder why I'm who their girl be with

Cuz I tell 'em bout you without tellin' 'em shit

She just pink vibe playa move, and you don't do the same

Now she see what's real from lame, what's fiction from facts

What's bullshit from brilliance, you still fucking hoes with yo feelings

(Verse 3)

Look in my momma's eyes be my main motivation

Blinded by phone posits, footsteps stay tracing

And I can make history just like that one president

Causing damage to the city like a new element

Oakland California, started our own nation

Been playin' bitch since a 'who will I sleep with?'

And at the end of the day, Levodka ak

I'd rather finger her cuz she won't cheat anyway

The radio sleepin' on the west coast

I don't see why, we got some of the best notes

Pretty lady on the left, I slip her a note from my handbook

And what you tell her? Along as you can cook and clean

Do your heart and get took, play by the rules of my own handbook

You niggas ain't fuckin' with me / stretch!

These niggas ain't fuckin' with me

You niggas fuckin' with me?! It's like 2Pac hangin' with Diddy

All the cops fuckin' with my city

Wadn't fuckin' with me now, wadn't fuckin' with me then

Couple hit songs will turn my enemies into my friends

Oakland, nigga

(Verse 4)

Young local, big money still social

Playin’ em off Logic, made a mill of Pro Tools

BAack then I was broke so I would never by an old school

All bad memories so everything is so new

Pull up with that cannon and drama, I'm finna get this man

You a gangsta or ya surd? What it is, man?

Yo niggas say you this, yo family say you that

With yo switchin' ass, you that dress on Instagram

Yo girl at the queer bendin' ova and moonin'

Hit her on the table and made her pacing vaturity(?!)

Evolve last year? Not me, cuz it was foolery

I ain't wanna be a freshman, that requires niggas schoolin' me

Made it from my city, nigga, same that gon' diss you

Here, you can take the microphone with ya

Let the doorknob hit you where the good lord spit you

Cuz in (?!) you gon' have the good lord with ya

One man army, I'm the jet and the missile

Here the same shit, and disciple like the mistril

All these niggas chicken talkin' they gon' bail with ya

But don't eva wanna meet, so they leave me with the grizzle

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