Sage The Gemini

Sage The Gemini - Hot Coffee

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(Produced By Sage The Gemini)

ft. Chippass


Shit, fuck it, driving on the freeway, car crash life flash grab the e-brake

Threats arriving, he say she say

But if you come to East bay, I'mma put his life on Ebay

Get high bitch, you aint me, you the hybrid

Like greeting the Chinese upper cut you that’s hi Chin

I don't like friends, just family, others vamonos

Me and Quami, west McArthur at Los Puamos

Vicious with the spit on comodo, tell their momma I'm a jacker, son

Titter, he solo, used to riding the stolo, no money to get my own

I even used to wish the style was free

I couldn't do it off the dome

But I don't wanna think of that

You drop yo food, you feed the rats

Blow yo brain into yo head

I gave yo ass a thinking cap

Moving on my gangsta shit

I won't stress, that's gangsta crip

I say I'm untouchable, but touch me, boy, that's fuckin' it

(Hook x2)

Aw shit, they shootin'

Wake yo ass up, this ain't a movie!

This real, these facts

This the hot coffee in yo hat

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