Sage The Gemini

Sage The Gemini - Anti

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Produced by P-Lo, Feat. Iamsu!

(Hook x 2)

Anti fuck nigga campaign x 4

Anti, anti, anti, anti x 2


Anti fuck nigga campaign

That's why fuck niggas can't hang

Niggas trynna switch up into my lane

Tryna ball but they pickin up the wrong game

Wake up in the mornin, I know one thing

All my bitches perky, they got tongue rings

Every four hours nigga chain cuffs

Open up for business if you can't close

Young nigga focused on the bank roll

We be tossin' bitches at the bank bro

And if you wanna play then it's game on

And I bet she had it ready before I came home

Baby heartbreak same time

Only that real, no I can't lie

When we hit the club, we don't wait lines

And you know it took a minute man, it take time, ah

Mane, we ain't like ‘em

They can't tell you when to stop

See you know I got a heavy schedule rock star yea

Heavy metal, need a rollie with the prezi benzel

No diamonds in, clean face

You ain't spendin' money, cheapskate

And the whole clique win a team string

Yeah we ain't winnin for no cheapskate

(Hook x 2


Anti fuck nigga campaign

Big ass rims be in 2 lanes

Nigga going so hard, I need two fame

Playin' whoes left and right, I'm a arcade

Niggas stickin' to the friends like a no name

And so much made me Two Chainz

Went from walking to the mall like every day

To sit in first class on the UK

Talkin' take off, when you been gone

And niggas want beef, it's the same song

Trynna tell you we filet with the mignon

Bad bitches never play in the friend zone

They ain't lookin' good as us

And if she got a nigga, he ain't seein her

She only want me for the his and hers

I bring a bag and I'm kissin' her

Yea, when you on the grind, they can't tell you when to stop

I got your girlfriend smellin' textin' late

Like I wanna bang her, bang her, bitch nigga better call a girl a island

And this why they don't see us

Niggas got plug on the keyboard

M.O.B money my Tree boys

Goes on with a young nigga, I'm a d-boy

(Hook x 2)

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