Sage The Gemini

Sage The Gemini - 6 God (Remix)

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Fuck bullshit really gonna amaze me

I’mma do this nigga rift til they have erase

Tell the bitch nigga he can beat it bad

You can be automate and you can clip and stare at her face

Living girl, money faster and garner

Fuck a shit from the distance fuck I don’t know marchers

Do the daddy like I am sort of the caution

I’m really barkiest, Ricky get on vaned like how the fuck (?)

Y’all just started me I was the gold fight and doing works like that nigga sound

Hate niggas so I can’t stand ‘em

So I ball here and take ‘em all that chance but match no end

They all bring the hole area, my niggas come for two ages like stereo out

Hop up for barrel like match , caring your mountain,

Like carry all in count it’s real nigga

707 now 007

Shut the fuck up and you might sit your ass here

You ain’t suffer, niggas you don’t understand me

Bust some time it only two pieces and feed now the all family

Yeah nigga, they say don’t forget where you came from

Fix it, some of these niggas being bitches

Hang a full bottle to this ass to the six inches

But that all will engage war really for these niggas wips and jaize they really jado

And I’mma shine it smooth, that’s what you made for

And I hope it’s worth every dollar the people pay for

You know that’s just get all that type of thing

I don’t want you to get mad

Say just rich, your mom is rich

I’m sorry man, I’m sorry man ¸ I’m sorry man

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