Sa-Roc - Star Of Siam lyrics

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You and I know the difference tween a rapper and a rhyme spitter grabbed a microphone so I could falsify your lies quicker. you ain't never heard the goddess heavy hitter but I guarantee that everything you do I do it bigger. Did you hear me? I will not hesitate to make myself clear blast my message thru the speakers of my space ship. My name is sa-roc call me roc star classic blaze thru the stratosphere my remnants-ashes. The earth is quaking as I bumrush and take the stage.

I'm birthing royals while I euthanize the dying age.

Clear out the way pull out the flower petals

The queen is coming thru she blazing hot like gunmetal

Burning blistering ya fingers to the touch got em screaming take it easy star cuz your flow is too much for em

I run with sistas that spit betta than yours while you steady talking big words I'm using the force. Mind tricks mental acrobatics try and keep up I'm at the finish line while you still trying to lace your sneaks up. Me- I wearing pumas baby they call me golden lady i'll give you freedom like my name was dessalines in Haiti. You never know what you gon get from out the starseed streaming thru the universe like footage from a live feed. I grant you godspeed I tell you hetep and we'll have khaled on the track screaming yo she the best.

I am the I am I illuminate the wicked call me star of siam. I gotta gold ankh sitting on my mic stand got the gods in the corner acting as my hype mans. Yup I stay woke don't sleep much never. It's funny how you pride yoself on being clever you say that I ain't spitting cuz I'm giving inspiration well uh I say your flow equals verbal masturbation. Don't get mad if the shoe fit gon put that slipper on you playing games I'm the black bobby fisher homes. i'm hollerin checkmate taking all the titles back watch me and learn as I murder this messiah track. learned how to do this from the ether-download. Open up the way like I'm elegba at the crossroads. You wanna follow take a trip inside my wormhole. stay floating don't let em get ever get a firm hold. told you I'm a supernova tell me what you waiting on you can get the knowledge from the mc that you hating on. I tell you stories bout the moors and the aliens lost tribe found like the children of alkebulan. I'll meet you at the corner of lowery and holowell where dudes ride clean in them souped up bonnevilles. We can get a build if you wanna know bout planet wheels imma keep yall moving with the power of my sonic field.

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