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Ryan Pugal - Better Off lyrics

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Knock knock who could it be could it be my ex chicadee whos at the door

Standing in the rain down on her knees in public we smiled walking hand & hand

But behind closed doors things were different 24/7 we were arguing & I tried

My best to be a better man all of your friends think I'm a crazy man

Cause that's the way you portraited me to be now I don't care what you think

No cause you know that I was good to you and now I'm saying


I'm leaving you shorty our days are through wasted days wasted nights with you

I'll be better off without you I tried my best to make you understand no no no

But you didn't I'm over iy you'll realize what you had & when you do

Don't come runn'n back say'n you miss me you need me that I'm your one and only no all of my friends

Say I'm a simple man & that's just how I intended it to be now

I don't care what you think no cause you know I gave my best to you & now it's too late I'm leaving you...


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