Ryan Pugal

Ryan Pugal - Beat Shop lyrics

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I got my Gloves On

Hat On, Royal Elastics

I got my Game On

Bling on my fingers

I got the diamonds

On my earlobes

High Low It doesn't matter

Cause I'm single

Free though

On another level that you can't beat

Push me, You can't control me

Cause I'm feeling so good now

It doesn't matter

And I'm killing this beat

Like my alma mater

I got me look'n

Fresh so clean

Bump'n to the beat, beat, beat

I see you walk'n

And look'n, like a danger (danger)

What a girl like you

Doing out without a soldier

Word around town

Is your look'n for a rebel like me

To be treated like a rebel in deed

We makn music at the beat shop

This Is my music at the beat shop

Miracles happend at the beat shop

When I'm Shining

When I'm down

When I got my blood boiling

Come on down

Express what I'm feeling in a song

I got the new kicks

Matching suspenders

And I'm rolling in my black jag

Bump'n to MJ

And I'm sippn on my Rock Star

Update my FB on my celly

And I feel good trigger shoot

On another level that u can't beat

Test me u try to push me

But I'm ok lookn for a pussycat kitty kat

I walk out the house with my fedora hat u like that

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