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Ryan Pugal - Automatic lyrics

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Do You Like, What You Like, Do You Like

Do You Like, Do You Like,

Don't Tell Me To Lay Low,

Because I'm Done, I'm Over Due,

You Like the Attention Now

Baby Girl I'm Giving You

High Skirt Knock Your Boots Off

You Got The Attitude Oh

You Like The point, No pressure

Grattitude, Lights, Camera, Action!

You Got One Shot

To Be the Big Shot In Hollywood

You Betta Listen To Me

I don't Wanna see You Walkn The Streets

Selling YourSelf

For A Buck To Eat

Appearances at a Party

Every day, Every Night

This Is How We Party like A Rock Star

See You Like This

See You Like That, It's Automatic

Show Me, Shorty What You Got Now

Turn Up The Speakers so Loud

That's What I Like baby!

Do you like, do you like, do you like

Tell Me do you Like, Do you Like...

You'll Be, And I'll See You On TV

Red Carpets & Papparazzi

Gotta Run Away, Gotta Run Away

Gotta Get control, Ah

Do you see Me, Now Look at Me I'm a Pop Star

Rock Star, Many Peoples Lovers

RanAway To The Big Lights

Cobble stones Of Hollywood

Dreams come true

That's What They Said To Me

So listen while I'm telling you

Betta watch your Back

Betta Watch yourself

Betta Watch your Friends

Betta Watch your Work

Keep that Body Sexy

Keep that Body Tight

Cause that's How Everybodys Work'n It


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