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Ryan Montbleau - Just Perfect lyrics

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Writing letters, only to keep them in my head.

Chasing my mind around, building arguments.

And it would be easier if you were here to defend,

But I remind myself that that wont happen.

Six more days til Sunday and I swear that I wont call.

And I suppose its about time I took down that picture on the wall,

The one of you and me when we dressed up for Halloween,

And Im still not sure what you were supposed to be.

What you were supposed to be

And I know that time heals all things,

But I feel like time kills all things bad about you.

And could it really have been me who said so proudly,

That Id be better off without you?

Day by day I work myself down to the bone.

And I put your arms around me whenever Im alone.

And sure, I know that those arms, they arent real,

But I say that anything is better than the way I feel.

Day by day I work myself and I smile at all my friends

And I say, I know its just a second love

And surely it dont mean the end.

But when does that name fade?

And when do I stop using it for protection?

And where does one go to from perfection?

And I know youre not perfect, but I built you up that way.

And I know its been a year, but I cant take another day.

And it would be easier if you were here to defend,

But as it stands, Im just left with an image of perfection.

An image of perfection.

An image of perfection, whenever I close my eyes.

An image of perfection, and it gets me by.

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