Ryan Montbleau

Ryan Montbleau - Away We Go lyrics

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We’re fighting and we’re standing to the sky

Look ahead, look ahead your moment

No crushing down this time

We’re fighting, but he’s holding on so slight

Feels so heavy, feels so light

Feels so warm that you burn inside

And away we go

Spirits falling till they smile, they say

Building melting …and I never want to go

Never fall from heights

Slightly, and so brightly…away with me

One looks cold into the air

One say … when godly…

And away we go

And it goes on, and away it goes

And away it goes, and away it goes

Away it goes, goes, goes

Away, away, away, away, away

Away it goes…

Away we go, and away we go

And away we go, beside you

I understand … that’s guide

Beside you, explain the … wonder why

And away we go, and…silence, …silence

Oh uhhhhh.

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