Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie - Swiss Francs

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When I was young, I had a dream of being President

Went to Harvard - the best money I ever spent

Graduated young - now they're saying I'm a mogul

People ask me what my address is I tell them: Global

New headquarters: down Wall Street

Went from being broke in Harlem, now we all eat

Twin Benz trucks - call that double parked

Plus every record I make is a f*ckin' work of art

I'm gettin' more money since I went independent

And they never seen me coming - had my windows tinted

The crown prince: pride of my community

And when I fly I want diplomatic immunity

My passport is stamped out - I need some pages

When I die they gon' act out my life on movie stages

Got a hired gun - motto is "Protect the Chief"

Keep these haters from scheming on this Patek Philippe


Bills foreign, Swiss Francs

Before I die I want my money in a Swiss Bank

I can see right through these haters - fish tanks

Plus they staring at my watch

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