Ryan Caraveo

Ryan Caraveo - Feelings

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Ft. Abby Gundersen

(Intro: Abby Gundersen)

Feelings, Feelings, Feelings

Tryna forget my

(Verse: Ryan Caraveo)

What if I can't

What if I don't

What if I never taste it

What if believe

Sweat, grind, bleed

And nothin' changes

So what if I hope

My lady needs money

But what if I'm broke

What if I take all them chances

Get all them hands

But then again what if I choke

Whoa!! Breath, slow

And forget those feelings

Just be in my zone

And forget they're filming

Then I go to my happiest place

Where my past is erased

And I find the passion it takes

To mash on the gas

And relax on the breaks

Cuz I ain't going back there

Not that low

And not that scared

I'm not goin' to sit and smoke

While I live life broke

And laughin'

Blowin' in the air

Yeah! I'm sick of just runnin' my gums

A sucker that's waitin' for something to come

Pretendin' I'm stunting

But fronting no funds

Keep it 100 in front of someone's

Layin' on the couch

Brain full of drugs

I don't want to talk I just came for the buzz

They said it calm me down

That ain't what it does

I used to believe

But it ate what I was

Telling errybody errthing I'm goin' to do

A year went by

I made no moves

Waiting on luck

When I know it ain't enough

And it took rock bottom

To finally wake me up

Yeah, and now I'm feelin' like the man (feelin' like the man)

Cause I'm doin' my thing

And I won't go back

Even though I can

Yeah, ambition is somethin' I need

Somethin' I be

Not what I do

I needed to breath

Needed to dream

Yes I believe I got somethin' to prove

And that's why

(Chorus: Abby Gundersen)

I got this feelin' inside

Inside of my head, inside of my head

And the Lord knows I've been up to no good

Still haven't changed even though I should

Dear Lord

(Verse 2: Ryan Caraveo)

I promise to break

Before I drop to my knees

If I can learn

Before I pray

Then it's a problem that God doesn't need

It's more than just words

More than a phrase

More than advice

I got it from me

Back from the bottom

With nothin' to fear

Easy to say

Harder to be

Ready to go, go

Ready to jump, yeah

I've been on that bridge

Neva know hope, hope

Neva know love

That was the way that I lived

Oh what a feelin' to turn it around

After my ceilin' was burned to the ground

Death was appealin'

I stood up to deal with it

That is the feelin' of earning a crown

I am a king, I am a king

Fuck all the stresses man

That's not a thing

Fuck the depression man

I got dream

If I want excellence

That's what I bring

I am the truth

I am the lie

I am the wall between me and the prize

I am the difference between being dead while I'm livin'

And livin' while I am alive

And if I fail

Then it's probably cause I don't have those great surroundings, right?


It's up to me to bring the great

Out of everythin' that I am surrounded by, and

I admit I made enough excuses

The blame game

That's just as useless

The want that you have

That's justice, use it

Ain't shit left

Just fuckin' do it!


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